Snowboard gear - ₩300 (Gwangju)

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condition: excellent
Snowboard *2 (ride berzerker - 2012 - all mountain; Bataleon funkink 2013)
Exceptional bindings. (union factory 2013)
Bag (carry or roll). Solid
Goggles (2 pairs - 1 oakley (damaged with some fogging), 1 electric that is legit amazing to this day).
Pants: Burton (green): L size (they fit me: 175 cm).

So theyre all 2012-2014. I get you think this makes them trash. None of this is trash. Snowboarding was my literal life. I used to mod one of the most famous snowboarding sites on the internet. The decks and accessories are Kino. The ride berzerker (158cm) is arguably one of the best boards you'll ever ride. Its a hybrid camber. Which means it has a nose that always sticks up in pow. But has a camber tail to drive every turn. See the reviews.
The bataleon funkink (157) is literally the coolest jib deck you'll ever have. Pliable as shit for every press. But with that camber press. Its the perfect park deck.
And then you have union factories (m). You get to control every single hit exactly how you want it. These aint no joke. These are the butteriest, smoothest bindings you are gonna ride.

Everything is amazing for anyone in that 175cm/size 6-10 shoe size. This is your all mountain quiver killer plus your park rat set up at literal bedrock price. I promise you: Theres no lack of pop on either deck. They still kill.

But i want to add three extra bonuses.
Bonus 1: Burton pants. Pure green. Still like brand new. Cost 250K at the time. Still worth the cost. Absolutely zero wear and tear despite 6 or seasons riding them. I get this is ick. But zero issues. You get this as part of the sale (call it a bonus or a curse, but i think its a genuine plus!)
Bonus 2: That bag: It cost me 100k. It has wheels and also shoulder straps (like a backpack). Its soft. But its hardcore as shit. This bag is incredible (160cm). It fits every snowboarding accessory you need (and both snowboards). Even after several years there is ZERO damage. Ive taken this (with not only all my snowboard kit but also all my luggage) to japan multiple times. Hell, i even used it to transport all my earthly possessions through thailand in 2015 (i should have sold this all back then, but i cant explain how amazing the berzerker is). And its still as hardcore as it was back then. This is a literal amazing piece of kit.
Bonus 3: I almost forgot about this... im gonna say, the oakleys fog up. They were my first pro goggles and eventually lost their lustre. But the elecrtik goggles are pro. Zero fogging. High end (at the time). So long as you dont touch them, they're gonna last you several seasons. And though im very out of touch since about 2019, i reckon if they fail, theres a website to replace the lens. The goggle frame is solid.

Theres also a bunch of other stuff i want to add. Im moving to Thailand in August and dont want to drag any of this with me. So assume you get wax, a wax iron, wrist guards, a face mask, and just general snobo shit. I just want to sell it, i dont really care about money. But i want someone who knows how amazing this price is.

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