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compensation: 20,000 won / (50~60 min)
type d'emploi: choix de l'employé

The recruitment of native English speakers. (Westerners only)

* Wage - 20,000 won / h (50~60min) + Tip (Maybe or not)

* No age limit, No gender restriction.

* No region limit. (Anywhere in South Korea)

* Only a person who has no criminal record relating to sexual or violence can apply.

* Talking with a native speaker is an end in itself. So you just need to being a nice 'buddy'.
(No need expertise or licenses)

* Coffee is not provided while having meetings.

* You can set the availability time & cafe.
(The cafe should be on a main street, and less than three)

* It goes like this : www.cafe-friend.com <- just for a check, please don't sign up now.
(And it's for a phone, not PC)

★ Please e-mail us to affichez coordonnées .
Surely including 3 things.
Your name, nationality and your natural photo for introduction page.
If you don't attach the photo, we couldn't answer you. TT

* We'll officially open this service and promote actively to Korean members soon.
* It would be so great if we can do this together!
  • Intéressés seulement. Recruteurs, veuillez ne pas contacter ce demandeur d'emploi.
  • ne PAS nous contacter pour des services ou offres non requises

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