₩400,000 / 5br - *Hongdae *Yeonnam-dong (F) ShareHouse (*Hongdae *Yeonnam-dong)

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This is an international (F) ShareHouse located in Yeonnam-dong nearby ten minutes away from Hongik Univ. station(Hongdaeipgu-yeok ) exit #3 which is on Line 2. Five minutes walk by Yeontral Park. The atmosphere inside the house is good and it is located in the residential area, so you can relax quietly. Where you can rest assured that it is not far away from Yeonnam resident center, convenience store, and a police box. It is also good for who has WH visa and students who attend universities such as Hongik University and Yonsei University. There are four single bedrooms and one double bedroom. So, there are five to six people in this share house. All the common spaces to be shared, such as living room, kitchen, bathroom, and laundry. The kitchen fully furnished with a fridge, gas stove, Water purifier, rice cooker, toaster, airfry and microwave. All the kitchen stuff as like plates, bowls, cups, etc...can be share. Every weekend each person on cleaning duty kitchen area bathroom and trash out. Kitchen area close 12am. How ever light cooking is allowed. No party! No loud! No smoking! Must be responsible and clean. I also live in share house with my four legged companion. We looking for 6 months or more, long-term residents. If you are interested in our house, feel free to contact us.

Room #3 Single 500,000 KRW Per person Utility 90,000 KRW Deposit 500,000
Available on August!

Room #5 Double room. Maximum two people. 40,000 KRW Per person Utility 90,000 KRW Deposit 400,000 KRW
You can use a double room as a single room. 680,000KRW Per person Utility 100,000 KRW Deposit 600,000 KRW.
Available on Jun!

Utility: Including gas, electricity, water, internet(wifi) and water purifier fee.
There is an extra 20,000 won utility fee for air conditioning and floor heating per month per person in summertime (June, July, August) and wintertime (December, January, February), for air conditioning and floor heating per month per person.
Security Deposit: A month of rent fee. Fully refundable. Security deposits serve as an intangible measure of security, or as a means of tangible security in the event of damages or lost property.

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