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legg innlegget til favoritter Dish Washer with 3 detergent packs - ₩200000 (children's park, konkuk univ) skjul innlegg vis


1. Price: 200,000won
(including detergent. that detergent costed about 22000won each so 3 worths about 66000won. I can show you the internet website I bought this. )

2. Description:

We bought it about 1 year and 10 months ago.
Used it about 8 months but we moved to a smaller house with smaller kitchen so we kept it for a while
condition is very good. We bought it at 400,000won but if I could buy it at this condition at 200k, I would definitely get this one instead of buying a new one haha..

3. Location: near Children's park exit 3

4. I have 3 extra detergent I haven't opened. I will give it to you as well.
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